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Dr. Yani Welcomes You !

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Yani Lu, M.D., Ph.D.


Your path to achieve true health and wellness is right here, where the evidence-based medicine practiced with the wisdom of ancient medicine. You may be frustrated by chronic health issues, you may just get some new symptoms and don’t know how to cure them faster, you may just want to improve vitality and longevity…….

It’s time for you to take your health in your own hands. I am here to help you achieve your goal using the unique skills I have worked so hard to acquire. These skills, not just learned for my families, but for all of you in our community. Being a community member, and most especially as a doctor, regaining your health and happiness is the most beautiful and meaningful thing to me.

Please join us on a truly wonderful journey to achieve optimal health and quality of life. Before long, you will find yourself feeling better and better with each effort we put together.

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Our Philosophy


Our goal is to help you solve your current health concerns and prevent the occurrence of future health problems by using a comprehensive and personalized approach. We listen carefully to your health concerns, review your medical history/lab tests, answer your questions, and discuss your health issues with your primary care doctor/specialists with your agreement. Together we will develop an individualized strategy for you to reach your specific health goals.

First do no harm: We believe that the best medical intervention should be the least invasive, least harmful, and have the highest efficacy. Acupuncture is one treatment of choices.


Identify and treat the causes: To prevent the development of chronic disease and achieve long term health, we look beyond the symptoms to the underlying causes and triggers.

Treat the whole person: We view the body as an integrated whole, including all of its physical and spiritual dimension.  As we are not restricted to modern Western medicine that tries to mend only the failing body parts, we incorporate Eastern medicine to treat the whole person - aiming to restore balance in the physical, mental, and emotional aspects.

The best primary care is self-care: We encourage a strong doctor-patient partnership.  In conjunction to providing the necessary treatments, we teach every patient how to promote self-healing and prevent diseases through proper breathing, posture, gait, exercises, relaxation, nutrition, self-massage, and other means. 

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